How to Add Controls to Form in VB6 Programming

Friday, August 21, 2009 ·

Visual Basic Toolbox and Form
In the previous posting I've told you that one of Visual Basic Development Environment's element is Toolbox, that contains controls. And another element is Form Design window (Form). You can place controls into your Form to build your VB application.

Now, how to place controls from Toolbox into your Form? Ok, it's just a simple way to do that. You just click, drag and drop the control you want. Or also you can double-click the icon Toolbox of the control you want.

There are two manners to place (add) controls to a form. The first manner is double-click the Toolbox icon of the control you want to add. In instance it will place the control with default size in the centre of active form.
Control placed in the center active form

When you adding more than one controls with this way, they will be placed on the top of each other in the center of the form. Then you can reposition/rearrange them into new place you want in the form.

The second manner, you can follow below steps:

  • First, click on the Toolbox icon of the control you want (for example TextBox control)
    How to add control to form - Click icon you want

  • Place your mouse pointer on the Form (the pointer change to crosshair / + sign)
  • Position the pointer in the place where you want the upper left corner of the control
  • Click your mouse, hold, and drag (so your pointer draws a rectangle that indicate the size of your control)

    How to add control to form - Drag your mouse

  • When your control is correctly sized, release your mouse, so the control now appears on your Form
    How to add control to form - Release your mouse

    After you add controls to your form, you can reposition them to new location in the form, and also you can resize them according to your need. That are the way how to add / place control to your Visual Basic form.

    Ok, I think you get it. And I'll write another Visual Basic tips in the next posting.


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