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Thursday, August 6, 2009 ·

The Visual Baisc Toolbox contains the objects and controls that you can add to forms to create the user interface of your VB applications. In the next time I'll explain how to place the controls from toolbox into Visual Basic Screen Design area in Screen Design Window. This toolbox is the General Toolbox. There is also a Datareport Toolbox that contains objects and controls that you can use for your Datareport design.

You can add additional controls to the Toolbox by using Components command on the Project menu. Also you can right-click anywhere in the Toolbox and select Component from the pop up menu.
Look at below screen shot for your illustration.
Visual Basic Toolbox contains controls

Below is a simple VB programming tips how to add controls to the Toolbox. Keep on reading the tips.

  • Click Project menu on your Visual Basic Toolbar
  • Click Components menu

    Add components to Your Visual Basic Toolbox

    A Components window will appear on your screen.
  • Click check box of the components you want to add (in the left of component's description)
  • Click OK to close the components windows

    Click the component you want in Component WindowIt is a very easy thing to do!


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