Visual Basic Standard Toolbar

Tuesday, August 25, 2009 ·

Visual Basic Standard Toolbar

The Standard Toolbar is one of Visual Basic Development Environment components. The Standard Toolbar contains buttons for many of the most commands used in Visual Basic.
The button such Open Project, Save Project, Start, Break, and End contain in this toolbar.

It also contains another button, such buttons to display Project Explorer, the Properties Window, the Toolbar, and other elements of Visual asic Development environment.

By default most Visual Basic Standard Toolbar are docked (attached) on the top of your screen. However you can undock it whenever you want. To undock it, click near the double bar along the left side of a toolbar, and drag away from its docked position. To dock a toolbar, drag it to another edge of the main window.

Many buttons exist in Visual Basic Standard Toolbar that make easier to edit your VB application:
Many buttons exist in VB Standard Toolbar

Another buttons in Visual Basic Standard Toolbar:
Visual Basic Standard Toolbar


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