Visual Basic Properties Window

Sunday, August 9, 2009 ·

In previous posting I have written some of VB Development Environment element. One of another Visual Basic Development Environment element is Properties Window. With Visual Basic Properties window you can set the properties own to objects in your program. You can set the value of properties of object at design time (the time when the program being designed). You may find many properties of an object in Properties Window.

Properties of an object reflect the characteristic of the object (for example Width, Height, and so on). Each object in VB6 program has its own properties. Different object has different properties. For example properties of text box are Name, Alignment, Appearance, Locked, Text, etc. Properties of label are Name, Alignment, Appearance, Locked, Caption, etc. Some of Text box properties are the same as Label properties, but some are different. For example Text box has a property called Text that not owned by Label property. In opposite, Label has a property called Caption that not owned by Text box.

Each property of object has a default value, however you can change the value of property thru properties window at design time. However some of properties can be changed at run time (when the program running). Some of properties of the objects just can be changed at design time, however some just at run time, and others can be changed both at design time and run time.

Look at below screenshot for your illustration.

Visual Basic Properties Window


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