Common Terminology in Visual Basic

Friday, August 28, 2009 ·

Like another programming language, Visual Basic also has some common terminology that required to be understood by the developers (programmers). Here are some common terms in Visual Basic:

  • Design time
    Design time is any time when an application being developed in Visual Basic Development Environment

  • Run time
    Run time is any time when an application is running.

  • Forms
    Forms are windows that can be customized by the developer (programmer)

  • Controls
    Controls are graphic that representation of objects

  • Objects
    Object is a general term that used to describe forms and controls that make up a program

  • Properties
    Properties are the characteristics of objects such as size, width, height, etc

  • Methods
    Methods are the actions that object can perform

  • Events
    Events are the actions that recognized by forms or controls

  • Even-driven programming


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